Science Coffee House

Science Coffeehouse is a hobby and enthusiast group at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur which presents it’s students a platform for discussions, talks, sharing ideas and not drinking coffee while doing so. We indulge in the philandery of counter intuitive mathematics with a wide array of basic sciences.


The talks in SCH generally have no holds or bars. Anyone or everyone willing to give a talk is encouraged to give hundreds of them (they seldom do), as long as it is science, mathematics, psychology or philosophy.

The task of SCH is not to disseminate proofs, theorems or intuitions, but build a feeling of interest while imparting a notion of existence of intuition. The aim is not to analyse, but to encourage exploration. But most importantly it is a place where a lot of different fields come together, therefore enabling people to share ideas across sciences. schools of thought and rigour in order to inculcate a dynamic and diverse thinking environment.


Apart from organizing talks, SCH has a facebook group where we post puzzles, ideas, cool facts and sometimes have heated debates on the philosophy of science, results and proof systems. We also have a general belief that unless people are debating on a post, no good will ever come out of it. We have a wide array of members ranging from enthusiasts in physics, mathematics, computer science to programming, information theory and cognitive sciences.


In theory, every student of IIT Kanpur are members of the Science Coffeehouse but active participation and interest is what determines the accepted norms of membership. But for that exact reason, and to extend the great culture of teaching cool ideas from one generation of students to the next, all meets of the Science Coffeehouse are open for everyone, and have seen a wide array of participation from Undergraduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral students. A few faculty have also been noticed to grace a few meetings when they have the time.

So if you are in IITK, and you are reading this checkout the meetings page for updates, and try to be there. We might not provide good coffee (or any at all) but we do provide cure for addiction (mind boggling ideas that will tire our brain out into sleeping).

Present Hobby Group leaders

  1. Navya Gupta
  2. Sagnik Bhattacharya

Checkout this page for all the old hobby group leaders.

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